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(The current location at is likely to change without notice -- please edit your bookmark to point to the "change-safe" location.)

If you came here because you received spam or "fan mail" ostensibly from me (probably in Spanish, perhaps from some misconfigured server in Brazil), it was forged by a spammer who also tried to subscribe me to countless mailing lists, and who has mailbombed me repeatedly.

(Pause). It's good to see that my spam complaints actually sometimes make a difference. Please join the fight against the vandals -- register as a supporter of CAUCE or EuroCAUCE!

I might add more information about this incident here eventually. This notice has been here for a while already, but the bomber comes back every once in a while, so I'd better leave this up permanently. Thank you for your attention.

What's in here

Right now, a bit of a mess as I'm restructuring my pages. I am also in the process of recovering from the loss of not one but two servers, one of which was my web server, and the other which held the backups :-/ Thanks to for making backups of many of my pages. Some of them have been lost, though. I still have them in CVS but I might not be able to recover them anyway, because parts of the ad-hoc build system I was using has suffered bad bit-rot. (Lesson: Don't roll your own, even if it's 1995 and no decent free Unix tools are available yet.)

Try a Google search for this site to get an overview of what might or might not still be available here.

What's not in here

I've removed my contact information because I'm paranoid. Try the feedback form if you are desperate to reach me. (Actually, that's one of the lost pages, so don't click, it's not there any longer, and/or yet.)

I receive about 300 pieces of spam for every legitimate piece of email. Thus I have heavy spam filtering in place. Even if you are able to infer a working address from the URL of this page, for example (which isn't necessarily as straightforward as you might imagine), you are unlikely to get through if you are not already on my personal whitelist, in which case you should already know my address.

Unsolicited binary attachments are not welcome even from people I know and respect. Thank you for your consideration.

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